For as long as medical services have existed, there has been a need to record the aid we've rendered... And for as long as this need has existed, there has been mediocre, difficult and pointless paperwork to complete. Until now.

MedicKit's purpose is simple:

To provide beautifully designed, perfect kit for medics

all over the world.


Who are team MedicKit?

We're a team of people who've been working and volunteering in the prehospital care environment for a long time. We've seen it all, good practice, bad practice and some awful paperwork. Fed up with rubbish making an already stressful job more difficult, we designed something wonderful.

Since launching our "EAS PRF" in 2018, we've sold more than 2000 PRF books. Now known as the MedicKit PRF it's being used all over the world.

MedicKit is its own entity, owned by EAS Medical; we used to be EASMedical.com/shop (you might've been sent here from there). We've branched out into our own name because some patients were getting confused when other medical providers used a PRF with EAS Medical written on it.


Your job is difficult, stressful and highly demanding. We're well aware of that - we do it too. That's why we designed our paperwork to be easy to fill in, it flows with the incident.


When the time comes to hand over to the next medic, ASHICE just happens when you follow the logical progression of the form.

Our products are created based on research, practice and care that we've conducted as EAS Medical. We'll never sell a product that's not right. We're not out there to make a quick buck, but to spread the word and let everyone benefit from our research.





"I absolutely love this paperwork, it's got everything that I need."