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One of the most overlooked pieces of kit is a good PRF.

Many of us hate doing the paperwork - until now! Finally a PRF which actually works!


This PRF was made by us after years of research and is suitable for First Aiders, First Responders, EMTs and Paramedics, and is now being used all over the globe!



  • Space for all common observations, (note: you don't have to do every ob on every job!)

  • Designed to build a picture of each incident, so the next clinician can really understand what's going on, quickly and easily.

  • Makes handover easy - just follow the logical progression of the form.

  • Can be customised with your logo.

  • Self-duplicating (carbon free).

  • Pads contain 25 forms, (50 sheets).

  • Individually numbered for easy referencing.

  • Printed to order.

  • Card backed with easy to tear-off sheets.

  • Card seperator sheet included.

  • Quick turn around time.

  • Printed onto quality paper.


Customisation options available:​

  • Blue Star of Life with Yellow Rod of Asclepius

  • Blank space (no logo)

  • Your own logo!


Please see below for customisation options!

Patient Report Form

  • PRF books are printed to order. 

    If you'd like to personalise yours with a custom logo, formatting or changes please email us with your requirements -

    Custom printing setup is currently FREE!

  • Buying 100 or more books (includes both PRF and Continuation, or a mixture of the two)? Email us ( to get a bulk purchase/wholesale quote!

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