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84 Syringe Labels for common Paramedic medicines, plus bonus Doctor medicines which might be used at events.


Sick of high prices for huge reels of labels when you only need a few? Look no further! 


These labels are standard size and use the Royal College of Anaesthetists colour coding scheme.


This is our version 1. Please see our other items for version 2.


NOTE: You will receive one sheet of LABELS only.


Label size: 46x11mm.


Designed and printed in house, we're able to customise, add and remove any labels you wish - just send us a message!


Each sheet contains:

Morphine x12

Naloxone x4

Adrenaline 1:10,000 x4

Adrenaline 1:1000 x4

Amiodarone x4

Glucose x8

Atrophine x4

Diazepam x8

Benzyl-Penicillin x2

Ondansetron x2

Hyrdocortisone x4

Furosemide x4

Lidocaine x4

Metoclopramide x8

Fentanyl x2

Ketamine x2

Midazolam x4

WARNING (generic) x4

Drugs labels V1

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